Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we get to Haadlad Prestige Resort, Salad Beach, Koh Phangan

By Air: There are 2 regional airline carriers that will take you to Koh Samui. From there you have a short speed boat trip to Koh Phangan. At present Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways both fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui. There is service from other regional airports in Thailand that fly directly to Koh Samui Airport. Schedules change often so you should inquire once you arrive in Thailand.

Once you arrived at Koh Samui airport go to an information counter in the airport. Airport staff will surely ask all guests where they would like to go. Simply inform them that you wish to travel to Koh Phangan. They will arrange a car to take you to the pier.

At the pier you can buy ferry ticket to cross over to Thong Sala pier at Koh Phangan. It takes roughly 20 minutes to get Thong Sala pier, Koh Phangan.

At Thong Sala pier, Koh Phangan you can hire a local taxi or call the Haadlad Prestige Resort for a pick-up service. (To save time please call 60 minutes in advance)

Please note that you should arrive in Koh Phangan at Thong Sala Pier, in the event you arrive at any other pier you may find that it will cost you a little more in both time and money to get to the Haadlad Prestige Resort

Also and perhaps more importantly - book a flight that lands at Koh Samui airport before 16:20, otherwise you will find it extremely difficulty to cross to Koh Phangan.

Q. Where is Haadlad Prestige Resort, Salad Beach, Koh Phangan?

The Haadlad Prestige Resort is situated on the northwest part of the picturesque Island of Koh Phangan, the neighboring island is Koh Samui and also the nearby Province of Suratthani. Koh Phangan is in the Gulf of Siam, in the southern part of Thailand.

Q. Is the resort suitable for families with small children?

Our Resort is highly recommended for families with children between the ages of 2-12. Salad Beach is calm and peaceful. The water level is shallow for first 20 meters with gentle waves. Our resort is also on the opposite side of the party going crowds.

Q. Do you accept credit cards at the resort?

Yes! We accept Visa and Master Card. Please note that you should make some provision to carry some cash with you. Most of 3-3.5 star resorts or restaurants on Koh Phangan accept credit cards but they can add a 3-6% fee when you use them.

Q. What about your joiners' policy?

Haadlad Prestige Resort has no joiner fee but all joiners (not registered guest) must leave copy of their passport or ID card at front desk. If they don't wish to leave it, we will automaticly charge the guests room 1,200 Thai Baht per joiner per night.

Q. What is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is Koh Samui Airport code - USM. Please check regular Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways regional flights for your traveling date & time. For more information and flight details please go to or for your traveling convenience when flying to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan!

Q. What is the maximum number of guests per each room/villa accommodation?

Below is the reference

Rooms & Accommodation Total Size Approx No. of person/room
Haadlad Standard Room 31 sqm. Max. of 2 adults+1 extra bed
Haadlad Superior Room 34 sqm. Max. of 2 adults+1 extra bed
Haadlad Deluxe Room 34 - 64 sqm. Max. of 2 adults+1 extra bed
Haadlad Villa Superior A 55 sqm. Max. of 2 adults
Haadlad Villa Superior B 58 sqm. Max. of 2 adults+1 extra bed
Haadlad Villa Deluxe Beach Front 94 sqm. Max. of 2 adults+1 extra bed
Haadlad Penthouse Rooftop 90 sqm. Max. of 4 adults+1 extra bed
Haadlad Pool Villa Beach Front 142 sqm. Max. of 2 adults+1 extra bed

Q. Do you have interconnected rooms/villas?

No at the moment we don't offer interconnected rooms/villas. Alternatively we do have

- Book a Haadlad Penthouse Rooftop which in one penthouse offers 2 bedrooms.


- Book two of Haadlad Villa superior B. There are some Villas Superior B that connect by balcony.


- Book two Haadlad Deluxe Beachfront Villas. There are some of Deluxe Beachfront Villas that are connected by a balcony.

Q. How far is the beach area or swimming pool from the rooms/villas?

The farthest room would be 22 meters. The furthest villa would be 12 meters

Q. What is the concept of Haadlad Prestige Resort?

The Haadlad Prestige Resort classifies itself as a 3.5 star Beach Resort and offers Affordable room prices for every room type.

Q. What are the weather condition like in Koh Phangan for most parts of the year?

For your weather information, Koh Phangan Island mostly enjoys beautiful weather from January to October. During the rainy season, November and December, it rains sporadically. In fact, on most days you will see some sunshine. It is usually hot even when cloudy, and you can still get sun burnt if it is overcast. Even in the peak of the raining season there is less than a 50% chance you'll see the rain during the day, simply because the rains usually come after midnight.

Q. What do you suggest is best for guests to wear when in Koh Phangan?

That's easy, less is better, we suggest light, loose cotton clothing or a just your swim suit is the best for Koh Phangan.

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