Activities at Haadlad Prestige Resort

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Activities - Kayak around the one kilometer bay of Salad BeachLovers of the water will find plenty of places to explore underwater. Live coral reefs filled with colorful tropical fish lie undisturbed and easily accessible from our beach.

The neighboring beach of Mae Haad is also a scenic snorkeling and scuba site. You can get there from the Haadlad Resort by longtail boat, in five minutes, or take a 30 minute walk.

If you are into scuba diving, there are severals other notable diving sites Sail Rock and the Angthong National Marine Park. The island hosts many affordable diving schools which can teach you how to dive. Many diving schools offer diving instruction in the major European languages. You can book all these activities at our front desk.


You can kayak around the one kilometer bay of Salad Beach or visit neighboring beaches, weather permitting. Salad beach is a perfect place for Kayaking due to the protected bay


For fishing lovers, try some fishing with the experienced captains at the local fisherman's village - you will never forget it! All the fishing gear and lunch are provided on board. And don't forget whatever you catch, our chef will gladly cook for you at our BBQ corner at the Haadlad Prestige Resort, Salad Beach.

Elephant Trekking

There are a few Elephant camps on Koh Phangan and yes, you can experience the joy of riding your own elephant. Here is a tip - bring a couple of bananas with you, then feed them to your beast. Your elephant will be very greatful!

Around Koh Phangan

There are many beautiful natural attractions around the island, including neighboring Koh Ma (Horse Island), secluded beaches, and the beautiful waterfalls at Than Sadet National Park which have been visited by four of Thailand's nine Kings. Ask our front desk to set up a natural tour for you and your friends or family.

The Full Moon Party And More

Koh Phangan is famous for its monthly Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach. Haad Rin Beach is the 24/7 party center of the island with dance parties every night. There are also other parties outside of Haad Rin Beach during the month, including Black Moon Party, and a Half Moon Party. Taxis are available to take you to the parties and then back to Haadlad Prestige Resort.

Thai Cooking Classes

(Most popular activities @ Haadlad Prestige Resort)
The Haadlad Prestige Resort Thai Cooking Classes offers hands-on learning in cooking flavorful Thai food the authentic way. Spend a morning or afternoon with our highly trained chefs to learn how to make authentic Thai food at our custom designed kitchen.

The Haadlad Prestige Resort Thai Cooking ClassesEach course features an overview on how to artfully combine the most important flavors used to make traditional Thai food, and easy-to-understand instructions from Thai family recipes will help you make a stunning Thai meal for your family and friends at home.

Attendees receive a recipe booklet, and an illustrated Thai ingredients glossary so they can identify Thai ingredients at their local market. Attendees also receive a guide to specialty Thai markets in their home country and internet resources, so they can order the ingredients to cook delicious Thai food at home the easy way!

The Haadlad Prestige Resort Thai Cooking Classes are designed for the adventurous amateur cook or professional chef who wants to get a broad overview of the pungent and tantalizing tastes of Thai Cooking.

What you get at the Cooking Classes

  • Hands-on instruction on Thai cooking where you make and taste your own Thai food. Each attendee has a wok and cooking ring on which they learn Thai cooking techniques and secrets. We generally make three to four dishes during each class using fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • Three-hour overview of Thai cooking, including how to combine the individually pungent flavors of Thai cooking to make a balanced and tasty meal. Students receive a market tour at the cooking school to explain the individual ingredients of Thai cooking and how they are used.
  • An overview of the breadth of cooking styles in Thailand's four major regions (South, Central, North and Northeastern). The class gives an overview of these different styles to illustrate the great breadth of Thai cooking.
  • Easy-to-understand recipes and a color glossary to take home with detailed explanation on preparation and presentation.
  • List of Thai ingredient stores and websites in your home country for purchasing Thai ingredients.

Background on Chef Tummy

Chef Tummy traveled almost 6,000 miles by motorcycle during a year long trip to taste regional Thai cooking from the real experts, the cooks and grandmothers who considered him worthy enough to share their family recipes. Recipes collected during the trip are emphasized in the cooking school. The Thai travel adventure and recipe book that Chef Tummy wrote entitled Tasting Thai Food was published in 2008.

Chef Tummy with graduates from our Thai cooking class

Chef Tummy attended Thai cooking classes at the Oriental Hotel Cooking School in Bangkok, the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School in Chiang Mai and the SITCA Cooking School's Professional Chef Course on Koh Samui. Chef Tummy has served in several apprenticeships with noted regional Thai chefs on Koh Phangan, as well as Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Isaan.

Prior relocating to Thailand, Chef Tummy worked in catering with his family in Boston, USA and attended the California Culinary Academy Cordon Bleu School in San Francisco. Chef Tummy studied food and wine pairing at the Pacific Rim Wine School in San Francisco. His world travels included extensive cooking apprenticeships in France, Greece, Japan and Taiwan.

Simply Beautful Beach Wedding on Salad Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Imagine that you can get married right on the beach with the sea at your feet, or exchange your vows beneath the coconut palms surrounded by tropical flowers and a stunning sunset.

At the Haadlad Prestige Resort, peace, quiet, privacy, gorgeous views, and the perfect atmosphere set the pace for your special occasion and at a fraction of what it would cost in your home country.

Small simply Western wedding starting at 26,900 Thai Baht Net

What included:

Wedding ceremony on the peaceful Salad Beach
  • Wedding ceremony on / by the peaceful beach
  • Wedding Celebrant (non-secular) or Pastor (secular)
  • Special beautifully decorated in your selected room/villa (room/villa not include in package)
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Button hole flowers for the bridegroom
  • Floral decoration for the ceremonial area
  • Professional photographer 3 hours (day time)
  • Champagne celebration to make a toast
  • Free upgrade to one step higher room category for bride and groom (only when booked room/villa direct with the resort)

Small simple Thai wedding starting at 29,900 Thai Baht Net

Contact us for more details on this package

Please note the following terms and conditions apply for our wedding packages.

Get married right on Salad Beach with the sea at your feet at the Haadlad Prestige Resort, Koh Phangan, Thailand

During peak season Dec 20 - Jan 10
Minimum stay of 5 nights and a Minimum booking of 3 rooms are required.

During other season the rest of the year.
Minimum stay of 3 nights is required.

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